About Us

        We are trading company that can provide several quality commodity from our country (Thailand) to sell world wide by main commodity is 
Agriculture. , Because our capacity can supply commodity from our manufacture to you and do not worry with the price, for lower price for long 
attach and you’re impressive. If you interest to buy some commodity with us do not hesitate. Contact us immediately or post your commodity that 
you want to buy, reasonable target price and quantity. We will not ignore your post, we promise Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary 
companies of Vient Thailand  Group of Companies. In view of the current rise in the need and demand of fundamental food mainly Rice for most of the 
countries in the world and especially the African countries we undertake to do Rice trading as one of Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd. Group business 
activities in hoping can ease and coup the rising demand of Rice. With the vast experience of the Directors and staffs management which have 
been involved in Thailand and Vietnam over than 10 year in various of businesses including as a Sugar and Tapioca chip, starch exporter mainly, 
we are confidence that they can work to meet the world needs. Realizing these we taken step in teaming up with the associate partners in Thailand 
and Vietnam and by nature of their business are major Rice Millers in their respective countries together we works with them as a co-miller to meet 
the world requirements. Moreover with we vast experienced staffs in logistic and port handling matters for more than 5 years, we believed can 
handled in sending orders to the Rice buyers without much delay as required 
Our Vision
       Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd. intends to meet new challenges as a highly reliable main rice mill exporter and rice solution provider in ASEAN 
growing economy. More specifically, we will challenge our potential to succeed and grow in the competitive rice provider sectors. We hope to 
contribute to ASEAN economic growth, whilst sharing our success with dedicated employees and committed business partners and associates 
around the region. 

Corporate Culture
-We are committed to total integrity in our dealings with customers from local and international.
-We promise value for their money, quality and excellence in rice products and services. 
-We create economic, professional and personal satisfaction to our employees.
-We encourage a balance of commitment and time for the family, work, religion and the community. 
Business Partners & Suppliers
-We promote and encourage team relationship with partners, associates and suppliers.
-We consistently create a win-win situation in all of our dealings with them.

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