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VN-06 Parboiled 100% Sorted

It is processed rice product from paddy subject to parboiling and steaming process containing rice base, rice grain ingredients and the level of milling as follows:
Rice base comprises:
Long-grain rice of 1st grade, and 2nd grade combined of not less than 60.0. The rest is long-grain rice of 3rd grade. Of this amount, there may be short broken rice of not more than 10.0 percent.
Ingredients comprise:
Full-grain rice of not less than 80.0 percent;
Broken rice of 5.0 parts upwards in length, but less than 8.0 parts in length does not exceed 4.0 percent. Of this amount, there may be broken rice of less than 5.0 parts in length and does not pass the No 7 sieve. The rest is unbroken rice stock of 8.0 parts upwards in length.

Level of milling: Exceptionally good milled rice

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