Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd.
Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd.. was founded upon a commitment to build 
a forward-thinking and ability to be a market leader in main activity to 
improve of rice packaging and to produce 450 tons rice per day. Our rice 
mill with the ability to meet new challenges in the supply and provision of 
the following our rice mill products and services:
- Best quality rice exporter
- Best quality rice processing
- Best quality rice packaging
- Best quality rice grading   
 Despite being established only in Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd.. is 
practically an experienced and professionally capable company – it 
comvines together the past successful experiences of its high caliber 
owner and the dedication of its equally experiences supporting team.
Zest for professionalism, astute planning and pro-active management of 
its resources will provide a solid foundation for Vient (Thailand )  Co., Ltd. to  
serve, contribute and grow as a highly dependable clean, fresh and high 
quality rice provider in the region


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